We are proud to introduce our new product line, for rapid prototyping:

Shark Scientific 3D Printer Binder Solution

We have thoroughly vetted the formulation in multiple Z-Corp 3D printing machines–gallons of the formulation have been run without any distinguishable difference from the OEM solution. We have used gallons of the clear binder on ZCorp 310, 450, and 650 Printers which utilize the HP10 and HP11 cartridge heads. We have tested the binder with OEM powder, in addition to select third party suppliers (results may vary depending on third party powder formulation). Hundreds of cubic inches (i.e. 50+ gallons) of our binder have been used to fulfill 3d printing needs!

We provide the best service, and beat many other suppliers in regards to the following:

  • Cost Competitive!
  • Made-to-order delivery to ensure freshness!
  • Local Delivery (LA Area) / Expedited Shipping (Outside LA)!
  • Price breaks on larger quantities purchased!


Please contact us at sharkscientific@gmail.com for a quote, and we will be happy to work with you for all your binder needs!

Example Purge Block

Purge Block

Model Hang Board Example